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Reading Zoos in the Age of the Anthropocene


10 - 12 November 2021

Workshop IV: Exhibition – Curation – Decolonization

The fourth installment in the ongoing Reading Zoos series will be held on 10-12 considers the interrelationship between the zoological garden and the natural history museum as twin institutions of the Anthropocene. Some of the questions we will be exploring include: How are zoos and museums telling that story and reflecting on their own implication in it? And what role can literature, art, and culture play in reading and writing the zoo and the natural history museum “otherwise” so as not simply to repeat or endorse the established, monolithic Anthropocene narrative of Man? What alternative (hi)stories of the Anthropocene and its institutions are there, and where and how are they being told? How are artists, writers, curators, and others reimagining these spaces from a feminist, decolonial, and non-anthropocentric way?